Did you know Abe Lincoln didn't have a dipl0ma?

You know, I'm starting to get a little depressed about my job again. (I was somewhat enjoying it for a while. Or at least dealing with it). But for the last few weeks I have been really dreading coming in and have even called in sick a couple times. This is not the sign of a happy worker. I feel a little bad about it. Especially since a) my boss is nice, b) I realize that not only is my job not too bad, but a lot of other people have much worse jobs. And I'm not even talking about worse office jobs (Faye). I could be working at Dick's or that place I temped a few years ago wherein all I did was (literally) enter social security numbers into a data base for 8 hours a day. So deep down (or not even that deep) I know I shouldn't be complaining. But right now I have a childlike indignence about the fact that I can't “be what I want to be when I grow up”. And that is to DANCE! Just kidding.
Anyway, It doesn't help that one of my co-workers is really kind of a mean, spoiled brat and she is my superior.
Also, I seem to have a pretty bad “case of the Mondays” as it were. Not to sound too much like a Garfield cartoon, but I broke the coffee pot this morning for no discernible reason. I was just washing it and I hit it a little too hard on the door on the way out and it just shattered in my hand and I spend the next 20 minutes cleaning up glass. I feel quite foolish about that. Then, when I sat down to type this, I whacked my elbow in the desk. It's very silly.
But at least I did have an enjoyable weekend whatwith the karaoke and the zombies. I highly recommend renting a karaoke machine from Seattle's Best Karaoke But of course, everyone who is READING this post was AT the party so I'm basically preaching to the choir here.
I shall undoubtedly be back later with a meme or some such nonsense.

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