obnoxious ravish hitherto

Today is my unofficial birthday and I'm very excited about it! Even though Marilyn woke us up at 8:30 because she thought we were late for work. (Or that she shouldn't be the only one awake). I've had some caffeine! After I do my exercises, I will be ready to go on our little Seattle Mini-Birthday adventure which will include the Seattle Underground Tour, lunch at the Crocodile, and Mini Golf. And then, of course, tonight is the party at the Canterbury and I'm VERY excited for that. The whole gang will be there (including some people I haven't seen in a long time). I plan to drink as much Strongbow as I can fit into my stomach.

So last night the office went to Emerald Downs with the people we get referrals from for a little relationship strengthening activity. On the way there (and back) I got a little taste of what the car ride to Portland is going to be like next week. We didn't have any CD's so it was radio city. And as they scrolled through the channels, Boss heard a Matchbox 20 song he liked on Star 101.5. Lil D was pretty stoked about it too. And there we stayed listening to Avril Lavigne, Nickelback, No Doubt, and -gasp- Dave Mathews Band. The most painful part came when Lil D sang along LOUDLY to Avril. You can tell she's one of those people who thinks she has a good voice because she was doing those little “voice tricks” that female vocalists do to make the songs sound more complicated. It was pretty awful. So then I suggested that when we drive down to Portland, we each bring a CD and that way everyone's happy for a little while. Boss liked it, but I think Lil D wanted to make sure that she was happy the WHOLE TIME because she kept asking people if they liked things she liked. “Do you guys like Usher? Hip Hop? Creed?” Oh my god. I'm going to bring a blunt object to hit myself over the head with.

ANYWAY, when we got to the track, it was pretty boring at first because I derive no pleasure from losing money. But because Boss Man felt so bad about forgetting my birthday (my buddy in Portland slyly broke the news to him), he bought me a couple of races. Turns out I'm absolutely rubbish about picking horses so it's a damned good thing I didn't put any of my own money on the line.
We got back here about 10:00 and I slept like a baby. Until Marilyn…
Anywho, Dom and I have to get going now. See many of you tonight!


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