Something In Common

I got a birthday wish from the gang at E! online. They wanted me to know that I share my birthday with the following celebrities:

Pink 1979 Doylestown, Pennslyvania
David Arquette 1971 Winchester, Virginia
Heather Thomas 1957 Greenwich, CT
Henry Thomas 1972 San Antonio, TX
Jonathan Taylor Thomas 1981 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Larenz Tate 1975 Chicago, Illinois
Patsy Cline 1932 Winchester, VA
Peter Sellers 1925 Portsmouth, England
Sid Caesar 1922 Yonkers, New York

I'm most excited about Pink.


midget it all worked out

So far today I have gotten birthday wishes from Dom and the All Things Forum Moderator. I have a feeling they all forgot at work which means no free lunch. And I'm not ABOUT to whinge about it like Lil' D. did. So…Oh well. When they figure it out, maybe I'll get another day off.

I'm looking forward to dinner tonight with my very good friends. I love you guys.

I gotta go make a billion brochures now.