I haven't done a meme in a while. I haven't found any good ones. So while I'm still looking, enjoy this hilarious archive of rediculous senior photos . This is in honor of my little “picture day revisited” moment yesterday. Can't wait to see how those turned out.



Yesterday sucked exactly as much as I imagined it would.
At 6:23am I caught the bus downtown. At EXACTLY 6:45, I arrived at the rendezvous point. It was windy and pretty cold. I hit behind a pillar as I waited for E. and Lil' D. At 7:05, Lil' D called and asked where I was. I said “I'm waiting where we said we'd meet”. She said “Ok, we'll be there in 2 seconds”. It was then that I realised that SHE got picked up. Why didn't anyone offer to pick me up? For fucks sake. Anyway, 10 minutes later (not 2 seconds), they pulled up, and I found out it was E's fault for running late. However, I bet if Lil D had taken the bus we all would have arrived at the same time. We drove to West Seattle to pick up Boss Man and then switched cars (though I have no idea why. They were identical in size and comfort) and we were off, stopping quickly at Starbucks for, what I consider to be, the most rubbish drip coffee in all of Seattle. At 7:45 we were finally on I-5 south. Boss started off the music selection with Dr. Dre, which isn't SO bad, but 7:45 am at full blast is neither the time nor the volume for it. After that, Boss asked ME what CD's I brought. I couldn't believe it!!! I listed off a few and they all liked Queen. So in MY Queen CD went. Things were looking up. However, Boss's A.D.D. set in (he CANNOT listen to a whole song or album) and he began skipping tracks. I had to request to be allowed to listen to all of “Don't Stop Me Now” and then he took the CD out. Lil D. said “My turn!!” and whipped out her Usher CD. Luckily, Boss had the same A.D.D. with Usher, but when he turned down one song to talk to E., Lil' D said “I want to hear the whole song and it was interrupted. Play it again from the beginning!”. It was played 3 times in a row. (This was repeated on the way back with her Cranberries CD. Turns out, the Cranberries are a lot more annoying than I remember them to be). Long story long, eventually, Boss put in his mix CD on which were such favorites as Fiona Apple, Sarah McLachlan and that FUCKING TRAIN SONG where he rhymes “life” with “life” THREE TIMES IN A ROW.
We arrived a bit late for the meeting, but they were kind enough to wait for us so we wouldn't miss a SINGLE MOMENT of the riveting speeches. I didn't understand most of what was said, probably because I wasn't paying attention. I spend some time trying to zone out and go into my Cave. When that didn't work, I started doodling and writing down snippets I mis-heard phrases or things I thought were funny. Here are a few examples:
“Heroes or goats?”
“Evil Crest”
“So that's in my pipeline”
“The Perfect Storm” (Which has become one of those wonderful little business meeting catch phrases, apparently)
“My shorts are gonna go WAY up”
The rest of it was absolutely meaningless to me. I feel bad for my Portland counterpart who was forced to take down the minutes. In fact, I feel bad for him in general, because while Lil D sucks a fat one, at least I have the two boys to make things marginally fun. The rest of the Portland lot seems utterly humorless.
At around 1:45, someone said that we were behind schedule so we would let the next guy speak until the photographer came at 2:30 and then we would RESUME THE MEETING AFTER!!! It was then that I realised we were NOT getting out of there at 3. We took our group picture and stupid little individual pictures (I hope my mom buys me package B so I can exhange wallet sized ones with my friends) and small talked until everyone was done. Then we resumed the fucking meeting which could have potentially gone on for several more hours has Boss not spoken up and said we had to leave. We got out of there around 4:20 (dude), and headed back up. More music debacles occured wherein fucking bitch complained about my Radiohead CD because it “wasn't the one with that creep song on it”. Happily, I Boss discovered that Oasis is my very favorite band and he happened to have Morning Glory. He tried to skip “Hello” (one of my favs on that album) because he wanted to get right to the Wonderwall. Lil D said of “Hello”: “I don't really like this song” so I said “Can I PLEASE hear all of it?”. And I was allowed to. Then he skipped to Wonderwall, Don't Look Back In Anger, and Champagne Supernova. That's very annoying for obvious reasons but beggars cant be choosers, now can they? It was no music for the rest of the trip (during which the three bitched about the way of things in Portland) which took forever because we had to stop at Burger King where I got the world's worst Veggie Burger. Then we had to go back to Boss's house to get E.'s car. E gave me a ride home, which was nice, but it was still after 8:00 when I got home. Longest fucking day ever. I never want to spend that much consecutive time in that small a space with my co-workers again. Which will make the drive for the X-mas party that much more exciting. Maybe I can score some Valium for that trip.
Sorry for the long, whingy rant. I just needed to get it out of my system. Thanks for bearing with me.