It is known, that dogs eat horses!

This weekend wasn't nearly as hectic as last weekend. Yet somehow, I am exhausted. Probably something to do with the tremendous bruise my spirit took on Friday afternoon. We were having a lovely little meeting when, out of nowhere, Boss Man suggested that we pick an hour a week OUTSIDE of office hours to meet and discuss business strategy. I won't go into too much detail. Just to say that I suggested about a hundred different things to try and get him to reconsider. I mean, what's so difficult about picking an hour DURING THE DAY and sticking to it? Why do I have to give up an extra hour of my free time (UNPAID mind you) to discuss something that, ultimately, I will be the LAST PERSON to benefit from?! It really upset me. Especially since I seemed to be the only person who was opposed to the idea. My free time is precious to me because it embodies the phrase “free time”. I feel like I'm in prison when I'm here and when it's 5:00, I get to be on parole for a while. What was decided was that we would pick a day and come in at 7am to meet before work. Granted, I would only have been sleeping that extra hour. But on the other hand, I WOULD HAVE BEEN SLEEPING THAT EXTRA HOUR! Sleep is important to me too. Any why was Lil' D. so keen on this idea? Jesus Christ.
Anyway, I spent much of Friday evening harping on this so I won't go into it too much now. I'll just say this. Even though it's not a HUGE deal, something happened to me in that meeting. Something was irreparably crushed. I haven't worked out the full implications of it yet. I just know that it is now even more important that we make Snow Day and then Plight. It is vital to my existence that I don't have a life of 7am unpaid meetings to look forward to.

That aside, the rest of the weekend:
Friday night we had our budgeting meeting for Snow Day, and we realised that it's a damned good thing we're still willing to make movies for no money. Because if we were to do this the proper way, we would need to start robbing banks.

Saturday, we went to an interview, hosted by Women In Film Seattle with Lauren Schuler-Donner who has produced bazillions of successful films including Ladyhawk, Pretty In Pink, and X-men 1 and 2. (And 3!). The lecture was pretty informative and cool, but the highlight was when she mentioned her husband, Dick, was sitting in the audience. Dick…Dick Schuler? No. Dick Donner? Who's that? Well, it's none other than RICHARD DONNER, the director of such films as Ladyhawk, Goonnies, Superman, Scrooged, The Lethal Weapon movies, and most importantly, Michael Crichton's Timeline. Needless to say, we were a little starstruck after that. So was this woman (who was inexplicably dressed as Carmen Sandiego) who's “question” after the lecture was whether or not Lauren and “Dick” would sign her Ladyhawk DVD. The Q & A was pretty annoying, as many of the questions went like this:
“Um…My question is, I'm a writer/director/producer and I'm working on my first feature. I've been trying to get financing and blah blah blah blah blah. Me me me. What would you suggest I do?” (Read: Will you please finance my film?).
She handled these questions with grace as did she the honest-to-god Inside The Actor's Studio ending to the interview. (Which we had joked about earlier).
After that, we went to the Metro to see Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow which was, as I expected, dumb but pretty. I also got to see my nemesis, Fan Boy, dressed in a stupid Landmark Theatres poncho, trying to chat up one of his female co-workers. The fun part was where we filled in the dialog.
FANBOY: “Hey, my mom goes to bed at 9:00 on Saturdays. Do you want to come over to my basement apartment tonight to watch Blade II?”
GIRL: “Um…is that a flashlight in your pocket?”
Later, we made dinner and watched Firefly. I heart Firefly.
Sunday we cleaned house and then went to yoga which kicked my ass.
And now I'm here. Joy of joys. Lil' D has already tried to get to me do another one of her jobs. Luckily, boss man called her on it and she is in her office pouting.
My saving grace today will (hopefully) be reading Elyse's blog about her weekend and having lunch with Dom.