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So I just spent over an hour in the most horrible meeting ever. Basically, it was just me sitting there trying to not make eye contact with everybody while my boss and the Lil'est Dictator argued. Yelling was involved, almost exclusively coming from the L.D. It would have gone on for ages had my boss not conceded and ended the meeting. I am relieved to be back here at my desk and ever MORE relieved to know that I have tomorrow off.
All this after a similarly distressing afternoon yesterday when L.D. argued needlessly about whether or not she should have to answer the phone when I'm in the bathroom or at lunch. The argument was long and stupid because she was the only one arguing anything. The short of it is that my boss said we should all be responsible for making sure the phone gets answered and that, contrary to L.D.'s assessment, a client MIGHT NOT call back, even if it IS important because we are there to serve them (duh). The result of all this is that I have to have my phone on maximum volume so that Wenchypoo can hear it in her office with the door closed (even though her office is RIGHT NEXT to my desk and I can hear the damned thing when I'm in the copy room which is as far away from the phone as you can get and still be in the office). Therefore, every time the phone rings, it scares the living poop out of me.


Nonsensical Spam

“None whatever,” I said, and the two withdrew to the bar, where I presume the debt was liquidated. This little adventure woke bright hopes

But bye and bye, as she stared ahead into the black chasm with a beating heart, she began to dimly see the form of the horse Jim–his head up in the air, his ears erect and his long legs sprawling in every direction as he tumbled through space
Also, turning her head, she found that she could see the boy beside her, who had until now remained as still and silent as she herself

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Dorothy sighed and commenced to breathe easier
She began to realize that death was not in store for her, after all, but that she had merely started upon another adventure, which promised to be just as queer and unusual as were those she had before encountered

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in my fellow-travellers, who thought they had now come to a country where situations went a- begging.

But I am not so sure that the offer was in good faith. Indeed, I am more than half persuaded it was but

This is an actual bit of spam mail I received. I like it. It's kind of like a story. The only spamy portion is the line that says “vocuodin” etc. It was a link to some website. Otherwise, it's just this nice little bit of prose. I suppose that's how they get past your filters. Clever buggars. Except for the part where they can't spell