Somebody Please Kill Me

So I just got a decree email from my boss regarding that “Meeting After Hours” thing. His decision is as follows:
-Since we couldnt agree on whether to come in an hour early or stay an hour late, we are now doing both. So on Monday we come in at 7am and Wednesday we leave at 6pm.
-I had to open my big fucking mouth. In an attempt to get him to NOT make us work an extra hour unpaid, I suggested that since we usually leave early on Fridays, that we just maintain the normal office hours on Friday and use THAT as our meeting time. Well, he liked that idea. So he tacked that on too. And now we are meeting 3 times a week with no leaving early ever.
Obviously, this puts a damper on many things for me. If I want to have time to have film meetings and work on film projects, my evenings are even more full. No more yoga twice a week, I reckon. Unless I want to have exactly ZERO evenings a week at home to chill.
No staying out late on Sunday nights ever either.
And I STILL make fucking ass peanuts compared to everyone else in this company. On Monday, I am going to talk to my boss and see if he can't expedite the raise process for me because this is fucking bullshit. I can understand these lifers wanting to put more into the company, but why me? WHY ME?!

Maybe I'll get lucky the apocalypse will happen soon and swiftly.


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bigger stronger

IT'S FRIDAY! I'm very excited for 3 reasons. 1) I don't have to come to this stinking place tomorrow, 2) Tonight we are having a readthrough for mine and Faye's zombie script complete with actors and beer and 3) Shaun of the Dead opens this weekend!!!
We are going to see Shaun tomorrow night so if anyone's interested in joining in, let me know. Faye and I already saw a sneak preview of it so we can guarantee that it is classic cinema in the making!
Last night I went to yoga and it wasn't a good class for me. My knees weren't cooperating with me at all. In some of those balancing positions, I looked like Bambi just learning to walk. It was also kinda painful. It didn't help matters that I had a teacher I'd never had before and I don't think she was familiar with my knee problems because she kept telling me to go lower. I couldn't say “I can't go lower because this is incredibly painful as it is”. So that broke my concentration even further. Luckily, things improved when we got to the sitting portion of the class. But I was already pissed at my body for being so crappy. Oh well. A crappy yoga class is probably still better than no yoga class. Hopefully things will be better on Sunday. I blame the cold weather. Last winter, my knees ached pretty bad and I think they feel the cold weather coming and are starting to give up again. Well, I won't let them. Bastard knees.
ANYWHO, things have been pretty busy here this morning but they've started to slow down and will hopefully continue to do so for the rest of the day so that I can fuck about and leave early. Ha!