Crazy Shindig

Wow. Last night was insane. Thank you everyone who came out and funded not only getting me nice and comfortably drunk, but also donated to the Dom and Jessica Go To London Fund. It is much appreciated. I saw some people I haven't seen in ages like Erik, Ben & Jen, Erin, Katie and A.J. and it was great. Jacob also stumbled in (pretty late, I'm assuming. I lost track of time) despite the fact that mere hours earlier, his car was broken down on the side of the road in San Jose, CA. He proceeded to play catch up, and as a result, is now passed out on our couch.
My favorite waitress, Shawna, found out it was our birthdays and she gave us loads of things for free and came back often to make sure we were doing alright. She also recruited people from other parts of the bar to sing us Happy Birthday. When people paid her later, they neglected to give her a tip, and when Elyse found out, she got everyone to pull together a very generous one. Which is good because she is great. And I drunkenly told her so many times. :)
After we closed out the Canterbury, we stumbled back to mine and Dom's in the pouring rain and proceeded to break in the karaoke machine (quietly, as to not piss off our neighbors…I hope). Then it was 3 in the morning and everyone had to instantly be in bed.
The only sad thing is that I think nobody got any pictures last night. At least, I can't remember any being taken and Dom never asked for the camera out of my bag. That makes me sad indeed as these are the glory days and must be captured in digital images.
As soon as Jacob wakes up, I plan to watch a bit of the Definitely Maybe 10th Anniversary DVD (!!!!!!!) and have some tea and toast (and lots of water). And then I am going out with Faye to buy a silly prom dress for my friend Ryan's “Back to the Future; Enchantment of the Sea Dance” themed birthday. I am DEFINITELY getting pictures tonight.
All in all, I am not TERRIBLY hungover (even though I have NO IDEA how much Strongbow I drank, but it was at least 2 pitcher's worth). I am just a bit slow today and it's nothing a little caffeine and lots of water can't fix.
Thanks again, everyone for a great couple of birthday themed events! I love you guys! And this time, it's not the booze talking.


Holy Weirdness!

I just checked the mail and got a birthday card (and $25 check) from my crazy aunt!!! Now, when I say crazy, I don't mean in a wacky, flower hat wearing way. I mean I haven't heard from her since she was commited when I was 11 after she physically attacked my grandmother, and stole her car. I noticed on the return address that she's still got her married name even though she divorced over 15 years ago. Also, she wished me a happy 25th birthday. I'm 26. She signed the card “love as always”. I really want to know who gave her my address because none of my family members admit to speaking to her
Anyway, I'm gonna go watch “The Office” until it's party time.