Re: the prisoner. 'YOU read

Last night Faye and I had Bad Movie Monday. We watched Westworld which was fantastically craperific. Very enjoyable. Faye should be putting up reviews of our BMM selections somewhere, so I won't go into too much detail. But I will say this: (1973) Yul Brenner plays a robot gunslinger in a futuristic “amusement” park wherein people get to live like cowboys in the old west (or Romans or Medieval folk if you chose one of those parks instead…why it's just called “Westworld” I don't know). Some guy with a mustache is our protagonist and he is accompanied by a very Christian Bale-like James Brolin (who I never found attractive before seeing this film…maybe it was all the gay undertones). Of COURSE the robots get out of control and fuck the place up. The film is written and directed by Michael Crichton. Yes, THAT Michael Crichton. Thank you Sherrard for the suggestion!
Tonight is a very special addition of Bad Movie Tuesday, wherein Faye and I are going to see a sneak preview of National Lampoons Gold Diggers which is listed as “Lady Killers” on IMDB. And yes, we realise how absolutely terrible it looks. But did we mention it's free through The Warren Report? (Without the wonderful service of The Warren Report, wherein you pay $15 a year and get to see sneak previews of films, we would not have gotten to meet Pegg and Wright. Nor would we have gotten to see Dodgeball or I Robot since we would not have paid for those films in a million years. So…everybody sign up!) Also, Will “Boy Meets World” Friedle is in it.
Tomorrow there will be no LJ (or email) for me, as I will be spending the entire day in/en route to and from Portland. We're leaving from the office at 7am (gasp!) Looks like we won't be getting back until 6:30 or 7 either because it's picture day and the photographer won't get there till 2:00. Yes, that's right. I said PICTURE DAY. I think I'll wear my hair in a side ponytail, in classic Middle School fashion.