behind 53 because

So far this labor day weekend, I've done pretty much NOTHING. Saturday, I putzed around the apartment until 5:00 or so at which time Faye, Dom and I headed down to the Center to see ONE comedy show. That was the ONLY reason we bought a ticket for Saturday. But we didn't leave early enough so by the time we got there and got in line, we wouldn't have made it in to see the performance that we wanted. So we called it a forfeit day. I bought a 5 pound Strawberry Shortcake, Dom and Faye got milkshakes, and Faye got a roasted corn stick and we ate them in the Center House and then left. We were going to go out later, but by the time we got back to my house, we were so tired (from doing what?!) that we ended up just staying in, drinking wine, and watching Frailty (dumb!). So today hopefully SOMETHING will happen because I think my body is atrophying from lack of activity. I AM going to yoga today so at least there's some gauranteed movement. And then, of course, tomorrow we are going BACK to Bumbershoot to give the comedy show a second try and to get in line ass early for the Pixies. Yesterday wasn't a total bust, I guess. We DID see several Best Week Ever commentators traipsing about. So that was kind of exciting. And yes, I realise how much that makes me sound like such a comedy groupie!