So I was going to write a long recount of yesterday, but Dom beat me to it. Not complaining though. I would like to add a few things though.

I had a good time waiting in line for the comedy thing. I played Gin with some high school kids who actually weren't that annoying. And they knew who they were going to see which was nice. Kinda reminded me of my youth. But with more friends. Ha ha.
The comedy show itself was pretty cool too. Fred Armisen came out and did a hilarious act as Sadam Husein as a british musician. Pretty brilliant, actually. Next was the comedic musical stylings of Hard N Phirm who are best known for doing a bluegrass medly of Radiohead songs called “Rodeohead”. They sang a song about Patriotic Dinasaurs, complete with slideshow. Very funny. Finally, our man Zach Galifianakis came out. He was hilarious as always, but I think he underestimates his audience. He seems to assume that he doesn't have any hardcore fans and therefore, even though there are a few new jokes, we hear the same act each time. Zach, I know TV's Tru Calling keeps you pretty busy, but we want a new act! How much harder do we have to support you before you give us new jokes?

After that we putzed around the festival. We went to an ok beer garden where I saw the drummer for Alice In Chains. When I was 14, that would have made my day. Now it's not that big of a deal. But it does surprise me that I don't see more people wandering around Seattle. I mean, come on Mark Arm and Kim Thayil. No one's gonna mob you or anything.

The Pixies were aight. They seemed to be going through the motions though. I can't imagine they've resolved too many of the issues that caused their breakup. It's a Cash Cow tour. But it was neat to be able to say I saw them.

Today I am back at work. I feel SOMEWHAT rested but the stress is starting all over again. There's a ton of work to catch up on, and the cleaning people threw away everything in my boss's in-box. (What the fuck?!) so I've had to deal with “describing the papers” and things all morning while they fish through the garbage looking for this stuff. The really bad news that comes along with that is that it's the last straw for Ken. He's been wanting to move our office for a while because a lot of little fucked up things like that happen in this building. Also, the rest of our floor is empty and clients think it's “weird”. We've actually had potential clients decline to sign up with us because of it. So boss man wanted to move when our lease was up. But now he wants to sublet and move ASAP. And he wants to move AWAY from downtown. I DON'T want that. It's not up to me, of course. But I WILL be the one looking for places, so hopefully I will be able to find better deals downtown than in South Lake Union where he (and Lil' Dictator) want to move. I LIKE WORKING DOWNTOWN! It's one of the only things that keeps my days interesting. No more daily trips to the library. No more lunches with Roxy. No more running errands at lunch time or trying lots of different places to eat. I don't know what is around South Lake Union but I'm pretty sure there's not as many food choices or shopping. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
But we'll see what happens, I guess. We'll see. At least we're not moving to Bellevue. That's what boss wanted originally. I would definitely quit were we to move to Bellevue. That is a bus ride in hell that I could not take.