Hotter with a Beard: Joshua Jackson Edition

He was clean shaven on Dawson’s Creek but on Fringe he is all scruff and girl, it works.

Joshua Jackson is a somewhat inexplicable longtime crush of mine. He’s not a terrific actor but he’s pretty good with the sarcastic quips and that’s how everyone spoke on Dawson’s Creek. He and Michelle Williams were the only ones who could deliver that contrived dialog without me wanting to punch them in the face. They were also the reasons I kept watching. (Well, that and all the awesome guest stars they kept bringing in). And now he’s 90% of the reason I keep watching Fringe. (The other 10% has to do with occasionally awesome gore effects.)



  1. You and me = simpatico. Prominently featured on my fridge door is a Pacey magnet I got from the WB store back in 1999. There is just something about Joshua Jackson, especially now he’s grown up all tall and lanky. Nom.

    I do want to know why they would cast someone as unlikeable as the Beek as the lead. There was no way Dawson could win that fight! Talk about betting on the wrong horse. I mean, Pacey even ends up with Dawson’s frakking soulmate in the finale. In your face, van der Beek!

    • That is true. But I was pretty pissed he ended up with Joey who was the only character more annoying than Dawson. I kinda always hoped he would reunite with Andi who really brought out the sweetheart hero in him.

  2. I think it’s a testament to how much I hated Dawson that I wanted Pacey to get the girl…even though I hated the girl. I despised how they kept telling us that Dawson and Joey were so cool and so smart and so talented blah blah blah. They weren’t. They sucked. You know, Andi was actually in the finale episode, but they cut out her scenes–I guess I’m glad b/c it would have made me want her and Pacey to reunite. That one episode where he talks her down from her schizo attack through the bathroom door? Yes, that made me his forever. I mean, obviously. I’m 28 years old and I’m still talking about Dawson’s Creek.

    • That one episode where he talks her down from her schizo attack through the bathroom door? Yes, that made me his forever.

      Ditto, my friend. I remember watching that episode with my roommate (In college! Perhaps already too old for that show!) and we were both smitten. Chuck Klosterman has an essay about how Lloyd Dobler is the reason that women have unrealistic expectations about men. I think Pacey Witter may be (at least one of) my Lloyd Dobler(s). :)

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