NFT Radar: The Spectator

It’s the classic couples problem. One of you enjoys professional sports and one of you doesn’t. Fortunately, you both like to drink. The Spectator has your compromise. With 13 flat screen TVs broadcasting everything from American football to what the rest of the world calls Football, the sports enthusiast you are or love won’t miss a play. Numerous classic arcade games, pool, and shuffleboard keep the less enthused half entertained. They also have a video poker machine featuring my all-time favorite bar game: Naked Lady Poke (a.k.a. Spot the Difference). Their weekday happy hour prices almost everything below $4. The eats aren’t too shabby but they get a little too liberal with the nacho cheese. 5 minutes after your cheesy bacon tater tots hit the table, you’ll need a fork, lest you contribute to tree genocide with the amount of napkins you’ll need. That’s not all they’re liberal with. They boast about their famous pound of chicken wings but I suspect they serve everything there by the pound. Rent the mezzanine for private parties or settle into a big, cushy booth for impromptu gatherings. Go team!

529 Queen Anne Ave N 98109

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