Bale vs. O’Reilly

The inevitable Bale/O’Reilly mashup! The internet works quickly, people.

Again, audio NSFW.

Thx, Sherwood.

Christian’s Old Timey Lemonade

Someone made some pretty kick ass lemonade out of Balegate.

Language definitely NSFW. And neither are those fresh beats.

Actors are Jerks

Even Christian Bale, apparently. TMZ has released some recorded audio from the set of Terminator: Salvation, in which Bale goes all verbal poo flingy toward a crew member who walked through the shot. Listen to the whole thing here. Every other word is an F-bomb so it’s NSFW unless your boss is David Mamet.

At first I thought he was talking to a grip, but it turns out he was actually yelling at the Director of Photography. This is a guy who oversees the shots so it makes sense that he was checking lighting. His timing might not have been perfect but I bet he checked the monitor first to make sure he wasn’t in the shot. This doesn’t matter, of course, to Mr. Bale who can’t work with such distractions. Actors are trained monkeys. They work fine as long as they are kept happy. But if something sets them off, you’re gonna have a mess on your hands. It doesn’t sound like the doomed D.P. is even arguing with him. He’s just standing there taking abuse and then getting fired.

Why is it that good acting and a complete lack of respect for other human beings seem to go hand in hand? Maybe all that yo-yo dieting made him crazy. Either way, I am so glad I never moved to Hollywood to pursue a career in film.

On a related note, I guess I retract my previous belief in his being innocent of Mum beating.

Thanks D-listed.