NFT Radar: Stella Cafe

Everyone knows that Seattle loves coffee. So it’s surprising that it took this long to get an authentic Italian cafe. Stella fills that void with ease. The Vespa in the window tells you they’re bona fide before you even order your espresso. You may think a shot isn’t your thing, but that’s because you’ve never had it the Italiano way. It’s not bitter like that Starbucks crap. Their dark Roman blend is brewed just right, covering every shot with a thick layer of “crema”. This is the magic of espresso and it lends sweetness to every nutty sip. Afterward, you will feel relaxed and pampered instead of jittery. Of course, Italians also like to eat and Stella serves up the classics with perfection. Choose from 9 huge Panini for under $6 featuring a variety of meats, cheeses and vegetables. They have the Sweet-tooths covered too. If you’re a native Seattleite, chances are you’ve never had a proper Canoli. Now is your chance to try these crispy, creamy confections of perfection. The portions are small so you don’t have to share unless you want to. They haven’t forgotten about the Panetone either. This light, sweet fruit bread is served grilled. La Vita es indeed Dolce!

1224 1st Ave 98101

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