A Few Words About Dollhouse

Those interstitial promos featuring Dushku and Glau sexing it up for the camera, their heads in CONSTANT motion, are pretty irritating. Dushku is a little too good at the Tabula Rasa look. But she’s come a long way since Tru Calling and so far I think the show is pretty good. The supporting cast (particularly Harry Lenix and Tahmoh Penikett) really puts a nice shade of lipstick on that hot little proverbial pig. Provided they are allowed to stop over-explaining things to the Fox audience, there is a lot that they can do with those characters.

QUESTION: Why not Jonathan M. Woodward as the evil nerdy scientist? Didn’t he corner the market on that role? He isn’t busy. I would have loved to see him and Amy Acker together again. I feel there was a real missed opportunity there. This Fran Kranz person is a little too Mutant X for my taste. And Topher? His name is Topher? Does every Whedon show have to have a middle-of-the-name nicknamed character? I know there’s a precedent for “Topher” but it still seems a little forced to me.

Otherwise I’ve enjoyed the first two episodes immensely. It’s a nice fluff break from the heavy OMFGness of Battlestar Galactica. But once BSG ends, I hope Dollhouse is allowed to shed a bit of the fluff and gain some muscle.