Your penis on call instantly

I had a great time last night at mine and Dom's birthday dinner. Thank you all for your kind gifts and great company. The food was delicious too and my leftover daal beckons me from the office refrigerator. I can't wait till tomorrow! I get to take the day off and spend it wandering around Seattle with Dom. And then, of course, tomorrow night I will be tossing 'em back at the Canterbury! Wahoo!
But in the meantime I have to get through today which will be trying because I have a (possibly Indian wine induced) headache and I have a billion things to do BECAUSE I'm not going to be here tomorrow. Which is why I'm bloging now instead of working. Ha ha. After I do my billion things, I have to spend the evening with my co-workers doing one of our “Appreciation Events” with the people who send us our business. It would ordinarily be fine, but I'm sure the Lil'est Dictator will find some way to make things needlessly complicated. Although tonight will be nothing compared to having to spend SIX HOURS in a cramped car with her next week, when we drive down to Portland for our quarterly meeting. Maybe I'll keep a hip flask with me…
I am excited, though, because I finally have a friend at work! Of course, he is in the Portland office, but I feel I have an ally nonetheless and it's nice. (Hello P!:) I found out yesterday that he also has experienced the evilness (evilocity?) of the Lil'est Dictator and is not a fan. Hooray for solidarity! Also, hooray for knowing in advance that I will have someone to talk to at the Christmas Party (I didn't meet P last year because I skipped the X-mas party to see Return of the King on opening day with you lot).
Anywhosel, I should get to work now. Right after I raid the ibuprofen…


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