The procurator was obviously

Alrighty. Now for the fun post!

Faye, Dom and I met Andrew and Derek at the Six Arms for dinner and too much beer. They were killing time before going to see Interpol at the Paramount. The company was great (as were the tater tots) but our waiter was ick with a capitol D. I know waiting isn't fun and stuff, but just because we paused a little bit when deciding what to order, they guy got all uppity on us and would disappear for ages. When he DID come by our table, he was very terse with us. Once I didn't know what kind of beer I wanted yet so I asked if I could have a minute to think while he went to get Faye's beer. When he came back, he quickly plopped Faye's beer on the table and took off. And we didn't see him again till he brought us our bill. Well, Mr., that's one way to get a low tip from us usually kind tippers. Also, apparently the Six Arms is a big 'ol hipster hangout now and the nice pubby feel converts to house music and standing room only after 9pm. We blamed it on the fact that they now serve liquor there instead of just beer. Stupid hipsters.
We had a great time anyway though! Afterward, Andrew and Derek headed off to the Paramount and we met up with Sherrard at mine and Dom's to watch The Fog and drink…MORE BEER!! For me, this film did not live up to the hype that I had heard on horror websites/forums. But then again, I am fast becoming an intolerable horror film snob.
Faye and I met with a storyboard candidate at Cafe Vita, followed by our writer's meeting for Plight. Turns our writer's meetings are a lot more productive when there's no beer. Go figure.
Later, we supped at The Canterbury (where I found the fries to be particularly delicious). Much later, we met a number of people at the Wok & Grill where we were able to partake in one of our favorite past times: Making the old lady who runs the place stay up late on a Saturday!! This time she was a bit more forceful. She called “last call” at midnight and hovered around us.
Old lady: one
Us: 3 or 4
I woke up pretty damned hung over. Actually, I didn't so much wake up as was forced out of bed by Marilyn who couldn't stand me being asleep one second longer. She demonstrated this by jumping on me and walking up and down my person meowing loudly until I got up. I suppose she had a point though. It was noon, after all.
(UPDATE I almost forgot! We also watched Ashlee Simpson end her career on my tape of Saturday Night Live. Craaaaaazy. It's not often that you can pinpoint such things to one specific moment in time.)
Sherrard came over and I dyed his hair, as promised. I think it looks pretty good and not at all goth because he isn't lilly-white, like…well, me.
Then I stumbled out to yoga with Elyse. And it kicked my previously mentioned lilly-white ass. Today I am sore in places that I haven't been in a long time. (Not like that, you filthy bastards!)
I then watched Bring Out the Dead which was just too slow and boring for my exhausted brain. I fell asleep for a bit in the middle, and when I woke up the SAME shit was still happening. I thought maybe I just hadn't been asleep for long. But no, the same shit continued to happen for about an hour longer. So I got up and checked my email until it was over. I might have been exhausted, but I'm pretty sure that the movie was also a piece of crap. Why am I meant to care about these people? Never given a reason. Alrighty then. Thanks for that, Marty.
And we're back to Monday. Woohoo!

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