Susan Powter is batshit looney.

As exemplified by this article.

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Can you tell I'm bored?


Worst Halloween Costume Ever

This is supposed to be a list of the worst Halloween costumes ever. But if you ask me, a lot of them would be pretty damned hilarious in modern times. I particularly like Small Wonder.

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Another whirlwind weekend! Fun but, at times, weird.
Friday, Faye and I ditched work to putz around. We shopped a little, to finish off our Halloween costumes. Then we hit happy hour at Julia's. We were waited on by a man who looked like a young Giles from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. That made me rather giddy, despite the fact that he was pretty gay. We ate delicious food and drank beer at 4pm. Then we headed back to Faye's to watch the debates with Dom and Sherrard. As most of you know, the debates were ABSOLUTELY FUCKING INSANE. Bushy was grasping on to sanity by a tiny tiny thread, as illustrated by the fact that he was yelling at the audience and coining such catch phrases as “The Internets” and “Babbling Green Eyeshades”. Meanwhile, Kerry was intelligent, gentle, personable, and for the first time, I wanted to vote for him because I liked what he was saying and not because of necessity. That still could have had something to do with who he was juxtaposed against. But when he gave his answer to that raving pro-lifer about his stance on abortion, I was very close to standing up and cheering.
We then tried to watch Lady in White, but it was curtailed because we were just to drunk at that point. That's what we get for making drinking game rules for the debates.

Saturday, I went to see DiG! with Faye, Elyse, Gene and Andrew. It was a REALLY well orchestrated documentary about a band called the Brian Jonestown Massacre and their one-sided rival with the Dandy Warhols. Basically, the premise is that the main guy in the BJM is a mad genius with severe emotional problems. He has every opportunity to be a much bigger star than the Dandy's but he constantly sabotages himself with drugs and hissy fits. The film was extremely intense, and at times, hilarious. Afterward, I had a mini anxiety attack because I had just watched a man's life fall apart before my eyes. I do, however, recommend the film.
Later, we supped at the Canterbury and rushed off to see Dom's short “Kitchen Soup For the Soul” play at the NW Film Forum Local Sightings Festival. It was part of the “Tragedy and Comedy” series of shorts. Dom's played right after a very long “short” about people dying/killing themselves/living in drafty houses. The best part was that the women who played the dying, neglectful mother in the previous short, also played the mother in Dom's short. That's comedy, baby.
After a day in dark theatres, we went to the Wok and Grill and were horrified to discover that the greatness of the place is catching on with the locals. This is upsetting as I was hoping we would be the only ones who would annoy the old lady who runs the place and make her stay up way past her bedtime. If other people do it too, we won't be special in her eyes. Sad.
After a brief excursion to the Rosebud, where we realised we never want to go there again, we had one final (probably unnecessary) drink at The Satellite and then retired. Good times and loud conversations were had by all.

Sunday I nursed a hangover (why do I even TRY to drink hard alcohol anymore?), fucked around in the apartment, went to yoga (great class!!) and then it was MY turn to see my work on the big-er screen. “Terry” played in a series called “Dancing and Dating”. I'm pleased to say that “Terry” looked great on the big screen. The music was a little loud, but that's what happens when you ROCK. It was also, in my opinion, one of the better pieces. But there was one, called “Rent's Due” that seriously kicked the asses of all the shorts I've seen so far. I hope you can all see “Terry” on Thursday at 7:30 and you will also be able to catch “Rent's Due”.

This morning, we all arrived for our Monday morning 7am crapfest. Everyone, that is, apart from the Lil'est Dictator, who fucking requested the 7am meeting time in the first place. She arrived at 7:50 and her only contributions were to bitch at Boss Man for making jokes, violently smack her tea bag around inside her cup, and ask me if I've done my homework. (She assigned me readings to do “outside office time” in order to “better acquaint” myself with my “new position”. I haven't done them). Hate. Her.
It's going to be another long week.