Re: On the mosaic floor


I got my absentee ballot yesterday. I eagerly ripped open the envelope and bubbled right next to John F. Kerry (interesting middle initial, eh). There was a LOT of stuff to vote for on that thing, including a bill to ban monorail construction (which I voted AGAINST. Stupid SUV driving arseholes, stop trying to block the monorail!!!). I mailed in my ballot today. I shall track the number at this website to make sure it gets there ok. Now all I can do is sit back and hold my breath…

Happy Friday, everybody. It's still pretty up in the air about what I'm doing tonight. There are several parties about. I will definitely stop in at the Canterbury to say goodbye to Katie. I might hit up the Danwarming party. I'm not sure what else.

Tomorrow, however, is the Night of the Dawn of the Dead at Faye's house. We are going to watch Dawn of the Dead (ORIGINAL, fank you very much) and revel in it's stupendousness. After that, we will let the booze guide us.

Earlier in the day, (2-6pm) 1 or several of mine/Dom/Faye's films will be showing at The Market Theatre in Post Alley. It's some on-the-fly festival to benefit kids. Admission is $10. For the children. Think of the children. For god's sake.

I need a new little mood icon. My punk rock dragon is cute but all his expressions look the same.

PS: I NEED to see Team America at some point!!


I'm a wittle kitty

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A Little Scary!
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