This is all frighteningly familiar.

The ones I actually agree with are in bold. The rest paint a clear picture as to why I moved away from there. Comments in italics.

You Know You're a Southerner When…

You have drunk tea/water/any beverage out of a mason jar.

What do you mean it's unusual to pray at football/baseball/basketball games?

Biscuits go great with ANY meal!

You know the difference between sweet tea and tea with sugar mixed in it.

You know that Methodists are just Baptists that can read. Methodists can read?

Forget roasted peanuts, you like your's boiled.

You know there's more than one way to have your okra.

The War between the States was about State's Rights, of course! And the Gulf war was about oil. And the current war is about “tur-ists”

Wally World is what you call Wal Mart.

You've been to the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party at least once. Wasn't of drinking age when I lived there. But I knew about them.

Florida's just different. It's worse, but not that different

If you're a guy, you've worn shorts with boots.

You love going to the State Fair, and the Rattlesnake Roundup, and the Chicken Pie Festival, and Mossy Creek, and Buckarama, and……. etc etc etc.

You call people of all ages sir or ma'am. I had to when I lived there. It's rude not to. But I only call older folks that now.

If you're a girl, you've been pet-named either sugar britches, darlin', or butter bean. Only by waitresses

Sure you know Bubba, he lives two houses down in that nice triple wide with the above ground pool behind it.

Here's a tough decision: Sweet Potato Pie or Peach Cobbler??

Jeff Davis and Bobby Lee are national heroes!!

You haven't ever seen snow, but you sure would like to!

You say/have said any of the following, “I reckon”, “Mash that button”, “I about fell out”, or “Hey ya'll! Watch this!” {{{Shiver}}}

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from the South.

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Re: This could create bad feeling for you

This morning, as I was walking toward my office, I very nearly got hit it the face by a crazy woman who was gesticulating wildly and shouting obscenities at a passing bus. Ah, city life.

I just found out that, contrary to what I originally thought, my office is open on Columbus Day. Apparently, the discovery and subsequent assimilation of a nation is cause to celebrate for banks and lending institutions, but not so for financial advisors. Oh well. At least I get to skip on Friday.

Other good-ish news:
Both “Terry” and “Love and 145 Watts” were excepted into the Bellingham Projections Film Festival. This will take place the weekend of November 7th. I'm not sure when my films will be playing, but if it happens to be on Saturday or Sunday, Dom and I will be taking a little roadtrip to Bellingham. Anybody wanna join us? Rooms at the Day's Inn are only $45/night.