the cap flew off

I'm having a really hard time focusing on work today. Part of it is because there's a lot of exciting things happening with the movie(s). I have created a new blog for Tangent Productions which I will start posting to soon (probably tomorrow, as we have a meeting tonight). It can be found heyah. Please visit it!
I am also distracted because I have this client event I painstakingly planned for our clients here, and we have a VERY limited budget. Well, I invited more than our capacity because in the past only 1/3 of the people we've invited to things have accepted the invitations. Well, so far I've gotten a 100% yes RSVP rate. That makes me very nervous. 20 people HAVE to RSVP no or it's my ass. 15 of those people are clients of the Portland office. They had me invite these people under the pretense that “most of them will probably say no”. Well guess what, MOST of them have said yes so far. I'm very very nervous about this.
I'm also SUPER annoyed at the Lil'est Dictator. I haven't mentioned her in a while because I've been bitching about her in emails to my Portland Buddy, so I have been getting it out of my system (mostly), but she's really been getting on my nerves lately. First of all, she was out sick ALL last week, only coming in for about 3 hours one day. This isn't ENTIRELY unheard of, as it is flu season. But she didn't call in sick once. Boss Man had to call her every day to find out if she was going to come in. He's a very lenient guy so he didn't really yell at her either. But he wondered if she was trying to protest something. She does have a CFA exam coming up which she has failed twice so far (and is SO pissed about it that she BANNED Boss from mentioning his CFA qualifications in the office. What?). So she might have been studying for it. But it's not like she doesn't study IN the office. Also, pretty soon I will be doing her job entirely and she seems to think I'm not ready for it. So she might have been protesting to prove that I would fall apart without her. But I didn't. Not at all. I don't know what her motivations are.
Today Boss and I are taking the intern to lunch because she is AWESOME and we don't pay her. When Lil D. caught wind of it, she got all up-in-arms that she wasn't invited (even though she doesn't even SPEAK to the intern) and Boss had to reason with her about how it wasn't an “exclusion” situation. She ended up speaking with the money person in Portland about why they get to go to lunch on the company once a month and we don't. I don't know what the outcome of that conversation was but the bottom line is that she needs to CHILL THE FUCK OUT!! A) She makes a TON of money so she can buy her own damned lunch B) She can't have EVERYTHING she wants all the time C) We get all kinds of allowances here that they don't get in the PTLD (like being able to skip work for a week w/o calling in and NOT getting sacked D) It pisses me off that she treats Boss Man with no respect whatsoever when he is very nice and always tries to be fair to everybody and finally E) SHUT THE HELL UP, BITCH.

Ok, I'm done. Sorry about that.