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I had a rather stressful debate with my boss today about politics. He printed off the current income tax tables and said I should like Bushy because he narrowed the brackets so that I didn't get lumped in with people who were making that much more than me. Unfortunately, I don't know much about such things so I couldn't argue about that. So instead I said that the reason I don't like Bushy has little to do with his fiscal stance, but more so the issues of gay rights and abortion. What followed was a stressful argument for me because it's clear that he is VERY ignorant about the nature of homosexuality and is one of those uninformed people who believe that it's a choice they make and that it would be easier for them to ignore it and marry a woman. I won't get into what my arguments were because, obviously, you guys know this isn't true. So I had to explain to him about the fact that it's a natural thing that can't be helped and furthermore isn't even a bad thing. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be so stressful for me but in this case it was because a) he's my boss and b) he's a good person so I couldn't just dismiss him as being a christian right asshole. Our debate was interrupted by the phone ringing and then he had to go to a meeting. I was a little frazzled at that point anyway. But he came back later and told me that he didn't want me to think that he was disrespectful of my views and that he actually saw my point and was rethinking things a bit. Of course, he's still gonna vote for Bushy, but maybe further down the road, he might be the kind of guy to actually vote FOR gay rights (should we get such opportunities). So, score one for us, I suppose. But ever since then I've been a little more on edge. I'm gonna be a wreck on the 2nd.