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Well, not really. But I'm taking tomorrow off to gallivant around the city with Faye so it's LIKE Friday for me. Especially since this week has seemed like a goddamned eternity.

I'm not sure what Faye and I are going to do tomorrow. We were originally going to crappy matinee and then maybe hit Shorty's or something. But the matinees that we haven't already seen are just TOO crappy. So we need a plan B. Either way, I'm just relieved as hell that I don't have to be here tomorrow.

Tonight is the NW Film Forum Grand Opening Bash. I can't wait to see the new space. It will be even more exciting when I see my music video on the big screen there, next week. (I'm assuming the screen will be big instead of bigger than small, as it was at the old NW Film Forum space).

Even though it's my Friday, I might call it an early night because, man, I have felt like crap this week. So maybe a little tour of the new space, a free drink or two, and then home to watch “Lost” and straight to bed. We'll see what happens.

Even though I'm pretty tired, I'm also a little overexcited right now because last night we had our first official production meeting for Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day. We decided to plan a big-assed zombie holiday carnival as a fundraiser. That's going to happen sometime in December. I've been brimming with ideas and emailing everyone and everyone has been telling me to chill the fuck out. :) Stay tuned for details.