atchison hagen

Much to report.
First of all, I got my raise! That is very exciting for me. I will finally be able to start putting some money aside. It will take effect November 1st!

Second, last night Dom, Faye and I saw a sneak preview of I Heart Huckabees, the new film by David O. Russell (Three Kings). I was a little nervous at first because the previews made it look like an Eternal Sunshine rip-off (and indeed critics have been perpetuating that rumor). But this is not at all true. (I also realised that the reason these comparisons are being made is a sad one: There just aren't that many introspective films out there). Where Eternal Sunshine examines ONLY the effects of romantic relationships, I Heart Huckabees goes whole hog. It is about the meaning of existence in a meaningless and often cruel world. That sounds very heavy, and sometimes, it can get emotional, but the film is also hilarious. At times, uproariously so. Mark Walberg, it turns out, is not just a good actor, but a GREAT one. Jude Law also does a great job and it appears that he has the Johnny Depp curse of beauty and it will take a lot for him to convince casting agents that he's more than a pretty face. But this will help. Jason Schwartzmann was as good as he was in Rushmore. He's got perfect, dry comic timing. I loved this movie and I will see it again. You guys should too.

Third, tonight, after Faye and I have a writer's meeting, we will begin our annual October Friday Film Fest wherein we watch a classic horror film each Friday during the month of October (we're all about literal titles around here, people). Tonight's selection will be “Carnival of Souls” which is one of the first (if not THE first, but don't quote me on that) zombie films. And also one of the best. You should ALL come over and celebrate the best month with us, zombie style.

Anecdote: Last night, while we were waiting in line for the movie, an S.U.V. (of course) full of frat boys drove by, grunted and threw a banana peel at us. They found this hilarious and drove away laughing like buffoons. Back to school, indeed.