detour systemic


I came home from work and took a big fucking nap, as I had a long night ahead of me. First, I stopped at the Canterbury to say goodbye to Katie who is moving to Colorado today. Then, I joined Sherwood and Ryan. We jetted on over to Queen Anne to a housewarming party for a friend from college. For some reason, Sherwood and I were not prepared for the sheer number of awkward encounters we were going to have, so we proceeded to down the liquid courage in record breaking time. Flash forward to (probably a pathetically short time later) and I was found giving enthusiastic movie recommendations to a college student (who was writing down everything. I kid you not) and taking puffs from a hookah which, to the dismay of my hindsight (and lungs) was filled with entirely the WRONG type of smokeable plant. Later, we hitched a ride home with a very surly designated driver.

I awoke around 11:00 and found myself with a hangover and very sore lungs. I took several ibuprofen, force-fed myself water and attempted to watch “The Triplets Of Belleville”. It turns out that even though the animation is cool, it is still a French film and therefore, did little to help my headache. I returned to bed until 1:45 with no regrets. Later, Meep and I went a little Halloween decoration crazy at Walgreens.
I ended up at Meep’s house with Dom, Roxy and Sherwood. Sherwood brought over one of the funniest things any of us had seen in a long time. Some geniuses had overdubbed the old G.I. Joe PSA's with hilarity. And guess what! It ENSUED all over our asses! Later, Elyse, Andrew, Gene and Elyse's very sleepy friend from out of town arrived. We watched what we came there for which was Dawn of the Dead (1979, beyotch) and enjoyed remarking on how much times have changed since then. For instance, you ain't gonna find an ammo store, a liquor store or a caviar store in the mall these days. Therefore, if the zombies attack tomorrow, the best place for us to go would be, not Northgate, but Ted Nugent's house. Take note, people.

Boring. Lots of organizing, sleeping (yay) and yoga. Oh, and “Meeting People is Easy”, the Radiohead documentary which is beautifully shot and also makes you realise that Thom Yorke is not so much a big whiny baby, as he is a poster child for Social Anxiety. Yikes.

The P.S.
Who wants to see Team America on Wednesday at 7:15 at the Neptune?