Re: This could create bad feeling for you

This morning, as I was walking toward my office, I very nearly got hit it the face by a crazy woman who was gesticulating wildly and shouting obscenities at a passing bus. Ah, city life.

I just found out that, contrary to what I originally thought, my office is open on Columbus Day. Apparently, the discovery and subsequent assimilation of a nation is cause to celebrate for banks and lending institutions, but not so for financial advisors. Oh well. At least I get to skip on Friday.

Other good-ish news:
Both “Terry” and “Love and 145 Watts” were excepted into the Bellingham Projections Film Festival. This will take place the weekend of November 7th. I'm not sure when my films will be playing, but if it happens to be on Saturday or Sunday, Dom and I will be taking a little roadtrip to Bellingham. Anybody wanna join us? Rooms at the Day's Inn are only $45/night.


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