Re: knife and blind eye,

The weekends just go by too fast.

Friday night, Meep and I had a very successful writers meeting wherein we attempted to develop backstory for our characters so that they won't be so 2-dimensional. We also tried to think of movies that we wanted to emulate to “look” of but we decided, in the end, that we wanted to create our own look instead. Take that, other movies!

Then we invited people over for the first Halloween Classic Friday wherein we watch a classic horror film (old and new) each Friday for the month of October. We chose Carnival of Souls for the first Friday. However, we had been drinking wine for some time before everyone arrived. And Elyse and Gene arrived already reasonably intoxicated, so it was very difficult for us to pay attention. I was the only one who had seen it so luckily, I was able to explain what was going on whenever people drifted their attention back toward the TV. This didn't happen often, however. We then put in Night of the Living Dead because the night was still young. After that, it was pretty late and we were all pretty drunk. Plus Dom had come home and needed to go straight to bed, as he had to wake up at 5am the next morning for this 48-hour film project that sounds like fun only to the unemployed.

The next day I did a noon yoga class with Elyse and Gene. I had hoped that it would energize me for the day of Halloween shopping that was to come. Sadly, it kicked my ass more than energized it. Meep, Elyse, Gene, Sherwood and I assembled. We lunched at the Red Line where I had THE MOST AMAZING greek sandwich which I will dream about for weeks to come. After that we went to the Halloween store that Sherwood mentioned in his blog. Then we went to Value Village. Meep and I didn't find anything we needed. Elyse, however, found everything and is now done. At 6:00, or so, we finished. Gene and Elyse went home, and Meep and I got take away from Ballet which boast Mock Meats. And boast they should, because it was DELICIOUS! Meep and I had big plans Saturday to see The Muffs at the Croc. But it turns out, we are old. The show wouldn't start until 10:00 and who KNOWS when the Muffs were playing. So instead we watched The Ruttles (good) and 50 First Dates (baaaaaad) and were in bed by 11. Good LORD we're old. Also, I think I am incapable of doing a yoga class during the day and expecting myself to function after.

The reason we watched 50 First Dates is because it was written by a local man who, now that he has everyone's attention, is doing very well for himself. So we thought we'd see what he had going for him. Well, from the finished film, it would appear that he has inanity going for him. Dom said the final shooting script was very different from the original. But I'm assuming the basic PREMISE was the same. And the basic premise is flawed at best and retarded at worst. And it was worst. Blech.

Yesterday I cleaned the apartment a bit, watched bad movies on TV, went to yoga again (two days in a row is ROUGH) and then watched Midnight Express which I had never seen. For those of you who don't know, it's the feel good romp of 1978 with a guy who looks suspiciously like Brad Pitt.

At some point during the night, Dom came home and appeared beside me. Our interactions this weekend have consisted of either him waking me up or me waking him up. I'm so glad it was only a 48 hour film project.

It's Monday Monday. Time for another exciting week. Though this week, it's cut short because Meep and I are playing hooky on Friday. Hooray!


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