archipelago chore

Yesterday I stayed home from work because I had been up most of Monday night with pretty awful stomach pains. I won't go into the gross details, but I will say that it was related to IBS. Which sucks my ass.

I always hate going to work after being absent because there is usually a HUGE inconsiderate pile of work waiting for me on my desk. Today was no exception. Gurgle.

However, Halloween is fast approaching and that makes me happy.

Last night I went to the Women In Film Festival which screened “Terry”. I felt a bit awkward because it was very much a festival full of “empowering women” type films and/or “socially important” films. I just like to make silly movies. Hmm. But it was still nice for more strangers to see “Terry” and people did laugh in the appropriate places. Even though the sound system was awful.
I still feel kinda crappy today. I doubt it's related to the other night, but I've just been feeling pretty run down lately. I need some good solid time off. And unfortunately, the next time I will have extended holiday, I will be doped up and in pain from surgery. Not exactly my idea of a good time. (Well, the in-pain part, anyway). It will all be worth it though (hopefully), as my back pain has been increasing since the cold weather started.

I feel like such a genetic mess sometimes. Maybe someday I'll make a socially important film about it. :)

In the meantime, very exciting things are happening with “Snow Day”. I will update the blog very soon!


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