pouring from the ceiling

Hello my little breakfast pastries.

This morning was my first ass-early meeting. Boss man and I were the only ones there because Lil D. is on vacation (till Wednesday, I am Lil' D.-less!!) and the other guy forgot. It was a good opportunity, though, because I was able to go over all my bullet points that I wrote out on the bus on the way home on Friday. The end result is that Boss Man is going to re-visit the raise thing. He saw my point about deserving to be compensated for doing two jobs. He also saw my point about doing Lil D's work and said that maybe we can get her to officially hand over some of her clients to me (since I'm doing the work on them anyway) and then I will get commission on it. Yay! Again, nothing immediate is going to happen, but I could be seeing a significant increase in income very soon which ALMOST makes getting up at 5:30 worth it. ALMOST…

This weekend was great. Our readthrough on Friday was very successful. People seemed to enjoy it and laughed at all the right places, so that is promising. We video taped it so that Faye and I can re-visit it and pinpoint exactly what works and what doesn't. We realise that while we have a pretty solid comedy, we want to make it a little more meaningful than that. We need to inject some character into it (in other words, we need to Whedon-ize this mo fo). So Faye and I need to have a few more beer-laden writing sessions. I believe we can make this thing more than just “entertaining”! Yipcha! After the reading, we bought more beer and got a little crazy with the karaoke machine. Our neighbors must LOVE us.
The next morning, my landlord came by with a plumber to fix our shower fawcett. I had totally spaced on the fact that she was coming and so, when she walked in, she was greeted to a mess of a living room including beer bottles strewn everywhere and a video camera set up. Uh…hello elderly landlord. Welcome to the home of the “Indies Gone Wild” video series.

Saturday we saw the opening of Shaun of the Dead. The theatre was chock full of die-hards. You could tell because the clapped at the end of the movie even though no one involved in the making of the movie was in attendance. Also, you could hear people playing “I know more than you” (AKA “AintItCool Trivial Pursuit) before the movie started. No sign of Fan Boy though. He must have been grounded. Everyone seemed to enjoy the movie so we won't be having another LJ spat :) After, we went to Wallingford and ate some pretty delicious (albeit overpriced) food.

Sunday was pretty typical. Laundry, grocery store, yoga class, impending doom about Monday morning.
And here I am slacking off as usual. The difference is today I am dog tired. But hopefully, I gots me a raise comin'.

OOH! The ps: is that late last night, after I was SURE we were out of the running, I got an email that stated that “Terry” has been selected to be shown in the NWFilm Forum Local Sightings Film Festival. It will be playing October 10th at 9pm and October 14th at 7:30 pm. Please come and check it out on the big(ish) screen! Jub jub!

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