Live Well

I definitely consider myself “city folk” so it's easy for me to forget how nice it is to get away from it all as well. The Stabbin' Cabbin promised much and delivered on every level. There were a few outside forces attempting to put a damper on the weekend (Case in point: Redneck cops pulled Dom over TWICE because he was “speeding” through poorly marked “towns”. Visions of Texas Chainsaw Massacre(the original, of course) and various other movies involving homicidal inbred people danced through our heads). But no matter, we made it to the cabin without being roasted like chicken at a gas station. Unfortunately, my cough was/is still acting up so that kept me from staying up late Saturday night to watch the Aurora Borealis with everyone, but I still managed to have a great time and do all KINDS of fun things. Like swim in a lake, explore a burned out mill, hang out on the porch and look at the great view, eat some “brownies”, go swimming again, play games, eat Elyse's veggie kabobs, watch Zoolander, eat Nachos, see turkeys and a mule, ride in the back of a truck, listen to ghost stories, eat more delicious food, drink beer and much much more. It was jampacked with fun but I still felt totally relaxed the whole time. It was really amazing.
Thank you Gene and Gene's family for letting us stay there. Thank you Roxy for having a birthday. Thank you first redneck cop for not giving us a ticket. Fuck you second redneck cops for pulling us over for having liberal stickers on our car and for not driving a truck. Thank you nature for being there. And finally, thank you maniacal butterfly clowns for not eating us. Amen.

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