Unopened (fwd) Gushing Squirting jessica

It always creeps me out when my name is in the subject line of a piece of spam email. Especially when I'm apparently both gushing and squirting.

Anywho, as irritating as the phrase “T.G.I.F.” is (as well as the chain), I'm beginning to understand the origin all too well. There is definitely genuine relief when I wake up on Friday morning, knowing I won't have to be back in this place for two days. Especially when this Friday has started off pretty badly. I bought cupcakes for my boss's birthday and the frosting melted and slid off. They look pretty horrorshow at this point. Happy Birthday, boss. Here are some nasty looking cupcakes from your street urchin of an assistant. I found a giant run in my stockings on the way here as well so I had to stop at the drug store to get some replacements. And then I got here, knowing all the work I had to do, feeling relieved that the intern could help me with some of the more mundane tasks, and I found out that she quit yesterday. Threw in the damn towel and she's moving to New York to persue her dream of being a cake decorator. I am not joking. It's strange how she never mentioned this dream in her interview when she was telling me how excited she was about learning more about finance. She told my boss that this internship was “boring”. Well, duh, honey. What did they teach you in business school that made it sound interesting?

I really think this job is making me less clever. It's frustrating. I also realized today that even though it's less painful than most jobs I've had, as far as my day to day duties, it's still a desk job. And since I don't have ANY friends in this office (most people I know have at least one co-worker they can talk to), it's pretty fucking lonely here too. Thank god I have you, livejournal. You're not as nurturing as I would like and you never offer any advice, but you always listen and you never make me feel inferior.

Hedwig is tonight!


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