Raping The Chinese

So I have decided to pick one Spam subject line in my inbox every day to use as the title of my journal entry. Hence the marginally offensive title of today's entry. Well, maybe not. I didn't open the spam so it might not mean what it sounds like it means.

Sometimes I really hate working in a giant, many-floored office building. There are so many inconsiderate little bastards running around and it depresses me. First of all, there are the people who stand in the MIDDLE of the escalator so that I can't walk up. They spread out and have their little conversations about American Idol of some shit and meanwhile, I'm standing right behind them wanting to walk past and I can't. Maybe I'm wrong, but wasn't the escalator invented to get you upstairs FASTER? Otherwise, wouldn't it just be a staircase? Furthermore, if we were in Europe and those bastards were pulling that spreading out shit on the escalator, about 100 people below them would start yelling “Stand On The RIGHT!” at them and they would feel like assholes.

Then there are the more hurried-than thou people who think that they can cut in front of me in line at the cafe downstairs for WHATEVER reason. This morning, all I wanted to do was purchase my 80 cent plain bagle and THREE people cut in front of me to get to the register.

Even more irritating still are the elevator hogs. Now this probably isn't anyone's fault EXACTLY. But we have 8 elevators that only service floors 4-18. Nonetheless, people all pile onto the SAME elevator and hit all the floors. Since I am on 16, I'm usually the last one to get off. During this trip, often people will get on at other floors and so if there are any floors we haven't visited yet, they will surely be covered by these people. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN? Whenever I can, I wait for the next elevator but STILL I'll hit every floor on the way up. I don't even like elevators to begin with. And now I have lost my train of thought. Damn.

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