U are Stupid Dumbass If U Pay Retail Price For Softwares sweet

Last night Faye, Dom and I went to see comedians Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn and Maria Bamford on the Original Comedians of Comedy tour. You might know Patton from the TV show King of Queens (but I wouldn't because I have never seen it. I know him from Best Week Ever and Comedy Central). You might know Brian from Mr. Show. I've only ever seen Maria once on Comedy Central. ANYWAY, We arrived at the Neumos approximately 1 hour before Faye and I like to be in bed on a weeknight. We drank a disgusting beer that I have never had before and will never drink again (Mirror Pond) that Faye likened to drinking Lysol. We found, to our horror, that there were only, maybe 10 seats in the whole place and we might have to stand. We were none too pleased about this (especially me) and I was thinking that this would be a long, uncomfortable night. But then, I noticed that people were heading up to the balcony so we raced up there and got a nice little bird's eye view of the stage. When the show started, I forgot all about being tired and just laughed my badunkadunk off for the next hour and a half. It was really awesome. Patton's album is pretty funny, but half the humor is in his facial expressions and gestures. I've never seen Brian do standup but it was really great. Maria surprised me as well. Especially with her Pterodactyl impression. It's amazing how much better comedy is when people can say things like “vagina necklace”, “cum pirate” and “smells like a dead baby coffin”. These days, I see a lot more good comedy shows than rock shows. Could it be that “alternative comedy” is the new Rock and Roll?


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