laymen anneal obsidian smear

I am very disgruntled this week. If The Lil'est Dictator tries to get me to do one more thing that's her job, I very well might get violent with office supplies. This morning, in our meeting, she said “Since Jessica handles all the paperwork NOW…” as if I have only just started doing that. I have been doing that since before I was even full time here. Something that came as quite a surprise to Boss Man when I had my 6 month review. And now she seems to have stopped handling alerts all-together. So someone in Portland asked me to handle them. I explained that it wasn't my job and I would inform Lil' D that it is not done. Her response “Why don't you take care of it and let me know if any of us need to do take any action?”. Um…because it's YOUR FUCKING JOB!!!! FUCKING HELL!!! You get paid 3x as much as me and slowly but surely I am taking over all of your job duties while you sit in your office and study to get your certification to become MORE QUALIFIED and make MORE MONEY to do nothing.
Hmmm. I wonder how much pressure is needed to break skin with a letter opener…

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