Cos I'm Feelin' Uninspired

Right Now

wearing: Black skirt, black top, white stockings, mary janes. I don't think there's any real surprise here.
music: The sounds coming from the conference room.
thinking of: what I can do on my break
feeling: uninspired. covered this.

Last thing you…

bought: A diet coke for Fancy McClientpants
did: found this meme.
read: The Black Table
watched on tv: A little bit of “Rock Star” on VH1 last night. I think it's funny.


club or house party: House.
tea or coffee: Depends on what kind of boost I need. Coffee is for more dire situations.
high achiever or easy-going: How are these opposites? I'd like to think I'm fairly easy going without being TOTALLY unmotivated. But then again, who knows? I'm certainly not motivated in this office.
cats or dogs: I like both. I've always had cats so it's hard to say. I would like a dog at some point when I have a yard.
pen or pencil: pen
gloves or mittens: Gloves. I don't need anything hindering my dexterity. I'm lacking in that area enough as it is.
food or candy: This is stupid. No one eats candy INSTEAD of food. If they do, they probably won't live that long.
cassette or cd: I finally gave up on making people mix tapes. But there will always be a special place in my heart for cassettes. I still have two boxes of the things and they aren't going anywhere.
snuff or cigarettes: Eh?
coke or pepsi: coke
matches or a lighter: Lighter. I need to get one of these.
Sunset Beach or The Bold And The Beautiful: Um…I watched Days Of Our Lives for a bit in college. Every once in a while, I read the headlines on the covers of the magazines at grocery stores and it looks like the plot hasn't advanced at all.
Ricki Lake or Oprah Winfrey: How old is this thing? The Tony Danza Show.

Who Do You Want to…

kill: Whoever convinced Trey and Matt to re-make Cannibal: The Musical.
hear from: Pegg and Wright after this Thursday.
look like: A slightly smaller-boobed version of me.
be like: Lil Bow Wow.


last movie you saw: “Invincible” by Werner Hertzog. Meh.
last movie you saw on the big screen: Still Anchorman. But it looks like Faye and I may finally succumb to the Napoleon Dynamite craze.
last phone number you called: I tried to call home yesterday and misdialed my number. I got a very confused guy.
last thing you had to drink: Water, Helen. Water.
last thing you ate: My grandma's potato chowder.
last time you showered: This morning.
last time you cried: When the rats came home from summer camp and I thought they hated it at the new house.
last time you smiled: When I thought about Faye's suggestion of advertising with stickers. A picture of Gene on there posted on every phone poll and bus stop in town is just the trick!
last time you laughed: When I saw the “sticker” Faye made for
last thing you said: “Ken's in a meeting right now. Would you like his voicemail?” Ugh!
last person you talked to online: Jacob, ages ago. I don't chat on line very often.
last thing you smelled: Your mom.

Do you…

have a dream that keeps coming back: Not an exact dream but I have common anxiety dreams wherein things, people, aliens, ex-boyfriends and spider man are trying to kill me.
believe there is life on other planets: I believe it's possible . Don't tell Gene.
read the newspaper: Just on the internet. I suck.
have any gay or lesbian friends: Of course. What is this, this 50's? Everyone probably has at least one gay friend whether they know it or not. It's just statistics.
believe in miracles: Where you from, you sexy thing?
believe it's possible to remain faithful forever: Yes, but I'm sure it's not easy.
consider yourself tolerant of others: Define “tolerant”.
consider police a friend or foe: Mostly foe, although I wish it weren't so. I'm looking at you, Eastern Washington Cops.
like the taste of alcohol: All too well, my cruel mistress.
have a favorite Stooge: Not really.
believe in astrology: It's seems pretty odd that all virgos are anal like that, but my logic dictates that it shouldn't be so. I don't know, ok!
believe in magic: Only in a young girl's heart. I'll stop using song lyrics as answers now.
pray: Hell no. Hell being the operative word.
go to church: See above.
have a degree: Yes. But you wouldn't know it by my job.
talk to strangers who instant message you: No, because they will always end up asking me what I'm wearing and I just know they'd be so disappointed to find out that I'm over 18.
wear hats: Only if it's so cold that I have to. Because I have a small head and they make me look like a tool.
wish on stars: No. But I do wish on Link and 11:11.
like your handwriting: My chicken scratch is very endearing. Plus, I can pretend I'm a boy
believe in witches: I'd like to, but no.
believe in Satan: George W. seems like a likely candidate.
believe in ghosts: When Faye tells me her stories I do.
trust others easily: If I get a good vibe from them.
like sarcasm: If it's done correctly. (i.e. NOT Chandler on Friends)
take walks in the rain: I live in Seattle and don't have a car so the answer is yes.
kiss with your eyes closed: Yes.
sing in the shower: If the mood strikes me.


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