Re: believe something is so hard for someone else-not you

I keep thinking about last night's episode of Nip/Tuck. The first season, I got totally sucked in. It was a great drama full of unique storylines and best of all, a graphic surgery montage in each episode. The characters were always surprising me. It was great. This season, it hasn't quite reached that bar. The storylines are more predictable and heavy-handed and much of it just seems like softcore porn (enough so that if you took a drink every time you saw Christian's ass, you would get drunk in a hurry). However, last night's episode was pretty engaging. A patient claimed to have the stigmata. And then she claimed she did it for attention. And then she claimed it was Jesus. And it went back and forth and I really didn't know what the outcome would be. Part of me was thinking “wow…has this show gone all religious on me?” and another part was thinking that, given past episodes that touched on religion, there was no way the writer would show Christianity in a positive light. This was all set to the tune of one of the main characters, Sean, learning that everything he knew about his family was a lie. His son wasn't his son, but actually his best friend/partner's son. His wife had been lying to him. He had been betrayed. He couldn't prove that the stigmata wasn't real. All these things were tearing him up, till he reached a breaking point, afterwhich he asked the stigmata lady if she was really touched by Jesus. He needed to know because he needed to believe in something. And even though her line was pretty lame (“Don't you kno, there isn't anything to believe in anymore”), I really felt Sean's pain when she said this. It was acted really well. So even though this episode was still not great, it was on par with last season. But no matter. Nip/Tuck is still better than most shows on TV right now. Even if next week is going to be TOTALLY heavy handed (The docs operate on siamese twins…but can the twins survive on their own? Oh my GOD! The doctors are TOOOOOTALLY like those siamese twins!!!! [poop]), where else can you see the bloody surgery of a baby getting it's vestigial tail removed?


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