razor blade taxidermists from 014

Whoa. I did Bikram yoga yesterday with Elyse. It's the one where you do it in a heated room. It was my first yoga experience and I think it was a good choice. I also think I did pretty well considering Elyse said that most people don't make it all the way through the first time without big breaks. So maybe I'm not in as horrible shape as I thought. I had two hinderences though. One was my damn boobs. I had trouble doing a few moves cos they were totally in the way. Well, that will be taken care of soon enough. There was also one move that I will probably never be able to do because it involves sitting in my knees in such a way that it puts all my body weight on my knee screws. Ouch. Not gonna happen. But everything else was ok, even though there were several moments in which I was pretty sure I was about to have to give up. But I didn't. I made it through. Obviously, I have a looooooong way to go before I can do all the moves all the way. I'm not terribly limber at the moment. But it's something to work towards. When I got home, I was sore, and very very sweaty. I took a shower. I felt kinda weird. A little light headed. I drank some water and then lay down on the couch to watch some tv. This was around 7:00. Then next thing I knew, it was 8:00 and I had fallen asleep so I decided to go lie down in the bedroom instead and the next thing I knew after that, it was 10:00 so I just resigned myself to bed after that. Today I'm only a little achy all over but it's that great muscle ache that lets me know I was doing something right. Hooray!

I just had my 6 month evaluation here at work. It went fine. I'm doing a good job, etc. But I was hoping for an immediate raise, and I won't get one because there are some stubborn people down there in our Portland office. So I have to start adding on all these responsibilities and do them for a little while so that my boss can say “She's been doing this for a while and doing it well so she needs a raise”. Ugh. We'll see what happens with that I guess.

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