Denial Climactic Asocial

So I just slammed my thumb in a drawer. How delightful.

Don't have much to say this morning which is probably for the best because I have to make a bunch of brochures before 3:00. This is a job which is needlessly time consuming (I say needlessly because we COULD just bring these things to kinkos and get them copied and bound), but no, I have to print them off one by one, collate them because there's some weird glich that won't allow the printer to do it manually, hole punch each page, and bind them myself. The whole process takes about 3 hours for me to make 10 books because the phone keeps ringing and people keep giving me other jobs that need to be done NOW! This is why I had previously delegated this task to the intern. But since the bitch quit with NO notice whatsoever, I am back to doing them myself. I am not pleased.

Anyway, after I finish this crap and go get my bangs trimmed I will be back with a lovely little meme you all adore so much.

My thumb is now swollen and purple. Hooray!

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