The Party's Over

I. Am. So. Tired. Apart from partying pretty much ALL weekend (though I didn't drink at all yesterday, I feel hung over this morning!) I also only slept a few winks last night. I was very restless and my legs itched. I don't know why but this summer my two legs look like delicious batter dipped pieces of meat to the local mosquitos and they are merciless. Bastards!
Nonetheless, here I am back at work for a 4 day working weeks that will undoubtedly feel extra long. Everyone is back in the office from their various vacations which means, no more slacking for any of us. Blah.
And my Sweet Hawaiian Bagel from Starbucks is not sitting so sweet in my stomach right now. I fear I will pay dearly for my debauchery this week, and unfortunately, (or fortunately…I waver on this one) I will be partying just as much next weekend. Friday night is Zombie Night and Saturday is Faye's karaoke bash. I am very much looking forward to both, but I am apparently older than my years in terms of recovery ability and therefore I will pay dearly for my fun.
I have nothing interesting to say right now and lest I turn this post into a bitchfest (too late), I will have to come back later.

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