now i cant stop manor birdwatch peacock

Last night Dom and I watched a bit of the last debates before our production meeting. I guess someone told Bushy not to yell because his voice was a lot more calm this time. He's still a raving lunatic though. They finally addressed the gay marriage question. I had forgotten that Kerry is actually AGAINST it. However, he truly believes that the government should STAY OUT of it. Bushy, on the other hand, said something like “I believe everyone in America should be treated equally. Except for the homos”. Kerry brought up Cheney's daughter. I wonder if being the lesbian daughter if Dick Cheney makes it hard to get dates. You certainly can never bring your girlfriend home to meet the parents.
They also talked about abortion again. Kerry had the BEST response that I have ever heard a Christian give as to why Roe V. Wade should not be overturned. He paraphrased Kennedy saying:
“Here on Earth, God's work must truly be our own. I think that's the test of public service.”
(I found a transcription of the debates. My liberal, stoner brain couldn't remember something like that verbatim).
This morning on the radio, they announced that there is less than TWO WEEKS till the elections. Just typing that literally makes me shiver. I am terrified. I need someone to hold me.
In less anxious news, our production meeting last night was great. We brought two new people on board who are just as excited about the project as we are. Best of all, they know LOADS of talented people. Whoever says that Seattle isn't a filmmaking community (The Stranger, I'm looking at you) can suck it. Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day is going to be AWESOME. At the very least, this project is gonna be a whole hell of a lot of fun. As is our upcoming Holiday Zombie Carnival. Stay tuned for more details about that! Also, eventually, my filmmaking rants will be on the Tangent Productions production blog, so that I have more room in this space to talk about how retarded Lost is. (Even though I can't stop watching it. I blame the beguiling ears of Dominic Monaghan).
One more quick plug:
Tonight, “Terry” is playing at the NW Film Forum Local Sightings fest. It's free and easy, babies. So come on out and watch it.


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