Happy Fun Entry About Nip/Tuck

Last night was the season finale of Nip/Tuck. The previews promised it to be “so shocking, you will poop your neighbors pants” or something. This season has been surprising in its trashiness, sure. But it's pretty hard to shock me. Joss Whedon seems to be the only television writer who can do that sufficiently. And even he hasn't done that in a long time.

(Like anyone reads my blog for Nip/Tuck updates)

So, I started watching, thinking “Bring it on, Ryan Murphy. What have you got?”. I wasn't shocked when it was revealed than Famke Jansen was a man. (Hellooooo, horse face). I wasn't shocked when Joan Rivers wanted to get surgery to look older to make her grandson happy. I wasn't shocked when Adrienne killed himself (that boy was WAAAAY too fucked up to live). I wasn't shocked when Sean told Julia he loved her and it looked like he about to go on a Kamikaze mission to kill the Carver. But the last shot of the episode…ok, it didn't SHOCK me, necessarily. But I never saw it coming at all. So, bravo, Ryan Murphy. You got me. I am indeed concerned for Christian's welfare. Because the LAST thing that guy needs is to get ass-raped again. And he seemed to be making so much progress toward not being so much of a prick. Hmmm…UNLESS, we're supposed to believe that the Carver KILLED Christian, because he told Sean that he was going to kill HIM. In that case, that IS shocking. While I'm thinking about it, how did The Carver even KNOW about Christian if Sean was the only one who did the television interview. Unless the Carver is THEIR ANESTHESIOLOGIST!! SHOCKING!!

Ok, I'm done now.

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