What the devil does

So my job description is pretty vast. I get to do a lot of random things like plan parties and seminars I won't attend and order the fancy food I won't eat. Today I am looking for an apartment that I will never live in or even see. We have clients in Alaska and we are trying to get more so my boss told me to look for a studio apartment in Anchorage and someone from the office will go up there for a week once a month and stay in this apartment. It's really strange looking for an apartment in a city you've never even been to. I have no idea what a good price for an apartment is, where the good parts of town are or anything like that. I just have to take the ad's word, which makes me nervous. It seems like there aren't NEARLY as many apartments for rent in Anchorage than there are here in Seattle (or even in Tacoma, for that matter).
I also don't like the fact that for every single rental site I go to, (including the Anchorage Daily News Classifieds), I have to register before I can even see what they have. Why do you need to know my gender or date of birth when all I want to know is if you have any furnished studios available?! I've never considered myself a conspiracy theorist, but I can't help but think that somewhere there's a file on me to which they're adding “searched for apartments in Anchorage on July 15, 2004”.

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