NFT Radar: Carmelita

Perhaps February 14th was a risky date to try someplace new, what with set menus and fact that most restaurants are booked solid. But I’d wanted to try Carmelita for a while and their romantic but laid-back ambiance and upscale vegetarian cuisine seemed ideal for Valentine’s Day. Besides, their set menu sounded foolproof. So I made a reservation for two and scored one of the last tables. Truffles and risotto are two of my favorite things so imagine my delight when one available entree involved both of these things. Unfortunately, the result was lackluster at best. Truffles have a very strong and distinct flavor and I couldn’t taste them at all. Did they forget to add them? The orzo was al dente and the whole dish was overwhelmed by cauliflower, a fairly bland vegetable when under-seasoned. It’s disenchanting to have to add salt to a $40 meal. Perhaps they were off their game on account of being so busy. Still, everything else was terrific. My guy loved his Carrot-Mascarpone Gnocchi. Our wine recommendation panned out (Malbec). The Chocolate Muck Muck was both chocolatey and muck mucky. I’d go back again for sure. But what the hell happened with that risotto?

7314 Greenwood Ave N 98103

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  1. I didn’t want to mention this when you told me you were going there for valentine’s day (I didn’t want to be all negative) but our experience there was a mixed bag as well. My entree was actually quite good, but Wade’s was eh. Fine, but this place is not cheap!

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