NFT Radar: Bengal Tiger

We’d passed the signs countless times. “NW Source’s People’s Pick for 2006 and 2007!” Every grocery receipt from the neighboring QFC had a coupon on the back. But I’ve never even heard of NW Source and besides, the Mister and I are Taste of India devotees anyway. Is there really room for more than one Indian restaurant in our lives? Well, in January, they had a new sign. Apparently, the People picked them again for 2008! We finally caved and gave it a try. And it was…pretty good! I love any place that gives you freebies and here you get Papadums (the Indian tortilla chip!) and a delicious lentil soup started included in your meal. Our curries were excellent, albeit a little spicier than we’d ordered. But what do those stars mean anyway? The sauce on my Garlic Wala was creamy and pleasant. The gentleman had the house special, lamb with mint sauce, and it was tender and…minty. No complaints about the service either. And the tiger motif is adorable. Bengal Tiger IS grrrrreat! But we live just as close to Taste of India. And frankly, it’s still OUR people’s pick. Sorry, Tiger.

6510 Roosevelt Way NE 98115

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