Simple but Fun Meme.

Most edible thing in the room?
I already ate the most edible thing. Only water's left.

Weirdest place to be kissed?
That'd be in the butt, Bob.

Venice or Rome?
I've never been to either. I'd like to visit both. Venice first though. A city full of water sounds cool.

Do you get goosebumps often?
Not often, no. Which is weird seeing as how I'm always cold.

Stupidest thing about teenagers?
They think that adults don't know what they're going through.

Stupidest thing about adults?
They think that kids don't know what they're going through.

Going back in time or going to the future?
The future, so I know how long we have left.

Whole, skim, 1 % or 2% milk?

Most random dream:
Me, Trent Reznor and the alien occupation.Rock stars or Athletes?
Both are kind of annoying but I find rock stars more interesting.

Craving you have most often (besides sex):
Sex. Oh, BESIDES sex? Salty snacks.

Prank you would do if you had the means/guts:
Does assassinating our evil dictator count as a prank? Otherwise, I'm not much for pranks.

Part of the body that's always malfunctioning:

Living room or bedroom?
They both serve a purpose.

Favorite hangout:
OK. Living room.

Housewife or Business woman?
Business woman who bakes.

Telekinesis or teleportation?

Van Gogh or Michelangelo:

Music, art, or drama?

Will we ever live on Mars?
Not in my lifetime.

Bush? Hot or not?
Repulsive in so many ways.

Favorite ancient civilization?
Greek. They wrote some good plays.

Antique or Modern?

Favorite way to kill someone?

Favorite Villain:

Favorite Hero:
Optimus Prime.

Emotional Pain of Physical?
Physical is much easier to handle.

Wolves or Lions?

Milkshakes or ice cream?