IBS Be-Gone!: Day Fifteen

So I'm technically at the half-way point with the diet. I had seen what I thought was real progress. I was feeling good and I was going every day with only half doses of my meds. I wasn't having anymore digestion pain either. Things were looking up. But then Saturday and Sunday I wasn't able to go and so I took the normal med dose last night. This morning I had a lot of pain and a bit of a rough ride from the U.D. to downtown. I didn't have to get off the bus (as I have had to do on many occasions in the past), so I guess that can still be considered progress. But it still feels like a small step backward. I guess I can't expect to be cured at this early stage (or at all) and I don't really know what's going to happen when I start re-introducing sugar and yeast. I know that I won't be intaking as much of either. No more sugar in my tea at all. Less Chai. I'm also never drinking soda again. I'm going to try and avoid high fructose corn syrup at all costs. That's very tricky and something I've tried in the past. It's not easy. It's in everything. Hopefully that will be the next bad food additive that the FDA tries to eliminate. Right now they are making leaps and bounds with trans fats (i.e. partially hydrated vegetable oil). But high-fructose corn syrup is almost as bad for you.

I was just looking at my calendar. 30 days will have transpired on the 20th of February. It's so close to the end of the month that I almost want to keep going until the the 28th. That would probably mean dropping another $25 on probiotics though. We'll see how I feel closer to the end of the month, what kind of progress I've made, and what Joey has to say about things. For now, I'm plugging away and (mostly) pooping better.