IBS Be-Gone!: Day Eleven

I have been feeling sort of crappy for the last couple of days. I've been a little run down and moody. However, I attribute this to starting a new birth control pill. It's one of those brands that goes for a 3 month cycle and then you go on the placebo, so I would only be having my period 4 times a year. This would have been good, but aside from the moodiness and lack of energy, this pill also gives me mild hives. I called my doctor and she confirmed that a small percentage of women reported that type of allergic reaction, so I'll be going back on the old tried and true pill today. That should put me back in the clear-headed/energetic state I was in last week.

Scott called me out on the fruit juice thing. He, being a scientist, said that even if the juice I'm drinking is 100% juice, it's still in concentrated form and therefore just as loaded with sugar as a high-sugar fruit. So I guess I've been cheating a little with the fruit juice. He suggested that I squeeze my own grapefruits or buy some fresh-squeezed juice from the store. Drinking in bars is getting more and more complicated. This reminds me a lot of when I first became vegetarian but didn't know about things like gelatin and rennet. I'm learning new ways in which I've been inadvertantly cheating all the time.

I also got tired of writing down what I eat. It's all the same. I'll let you know if I eat anything interesting/creative. Though I WAS kind of proud of a veggie dip I made out of plain yogurt and spices!