You've Got "The Touch"

For those of you who thought my Thundercats Movie casting post made me a huge nerd, check out this guy:

He makes me look like Miles Davis. He also makes me a little uncomfortable.

Plight of the Living Dead Filmmaker

If you have a great idea for a movie, ESPECIALLY if you back it up with a good script, you'd better jump on it but fast because someone else will have the same idea and probably make it happen.

This film is playing at SXSW this year, along with two other zombie comedies. It's the year of the zombie and I'm not a part of it. The thing that stings the most is that “American Zombie” is listed under the category of “Emerging Visions” at SXSW. Because their idea is so INNOVATIVE and ORIGINAL. Blast!

UPDATE: I also found this short with a similar theme. For the record, I came up with the original idea in 2001 and Faye and I finished the first draft of the script (and had it copywrited) in 2004.