Chinese New Year Meme!

From MarkTapioKines

1. What supermarket do you usually buy your groceries at?
Whatever's handy/affordable. Usually QFC, but I like to go to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and go crazy with the pre-made foods.

2. How many times do you go out for lunch per week?
Usually once during the weekdays and once over the weekend.

3. How often do you eat at a Chinese restaurant?
Maybe once a month. As Sherwood said, there isn't a lot of great Chinese food in this town. I heart Wok and Grill though.

4. How many alcoholic beverages do you consume per week?

5. Do you believe that Al Gore actually won the Florida electoral vote in the 2000 Presidential race?
Not as such, but there was definitely something funny going on.

6. What brand(s) of underwear do you wear?
Whatever is on sale in whatever store I happen to be in though I have a lot from Macy's (formerly the Bon Marche) and Old Navy.

7. Other than underwear, cite three name brands (in any field of commerce) that you would say you “trust” in, as a consumer:
Sony, Amy's, Starbuck's.

8. If you could have free movie tickets for the rest of your life or free CDs and legal MP3 downloads for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
Definitely the movie tickets. They are profoundly overpriced. Music is not so much anymore.

9. If you could get a 25% raise but have to stay at your current job position (if you have one) for the next two years, or get a 0% raise but get promoted to doing something really cool and satisfying at the same company, which would you take?
Like Mark, I would take the raise. I think I am already doing the most satisfying job at my company.

10. What's the name of your bank?
Wells Fargo. I don't love them but I'm too lazy to switch.

11. Are you saving any money for the long-term future?
I have a Roth IRA and a traditional IRA as well as an investment account. IRAs don't net you a LOT of retirement money because you can only contribute $4000/per year (in total) to them and you definitely want to invest them in a mid-low risk mutual fund instead of a volatile stock so they grow pretty slowly. My investment account is slightly higher risk and so I've gotten some return on that. However, without a 401(k) and with the prospect of no social security, I think our generation are going to be in a bad way when we retire. Maybe I should grow a kid to take care of me.

12. What beverage do you like best with a hearty Chinese dinner?
The house tea or a glass of red wine.

13. Speaking of dinner, would you rather eat super tasty food in a restaurant with zero atmosphere (fluorescent lights, vinyl tables) or eat mediocre, forgettable food in a restaurant filled with rich ambiance (dark, candlelit, warm and cozy)?
Absolutely the tasty food. Atmosphere is NICE but the whole reason to go out is to eat delicious food that you can't make/wouldn't have thought to make at home.

14. Have you ever hated the service so much at a restaurant that you purposefully left no tip?
I think once, but I usually just tip small on bad service. (10-15%). 20% is for adequate service and more than 20% is for exceptionally good service.

15. What's your favorite Chinese movie? (Include movies from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.)
Story of Ricky

16. What's your favorite Chinese dish?
Moo shoo vegetable.

17. Have you ever dated a Chinese person?
I have not.

18. Were you a fan of the series “Six Feet Under”?
I tried watching it a couple of times. It never sucked me in.

19. Where do you get your hair cut and how much does it usually cost?
I used to go to Vain, but they gradually raised their prices until I couldn't afford it anymore. Now I go to Zero Zero and pay what I paid when I first started going to Vain ($35 including tip).

20. Do you believe your life will be better in ten years than it is now?
Hard to say. A lot can happen in 10 years. I think it will probably be very different. Hopefully, I will be making more money. I will probably have more health problems. I do look forward to the future, but I am very much enjoying the present.